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Carnation Extra Thick Cream 170g Tin

Option: each
Sterilised Cream.

Each can contains 170g of Carnation® Extra Thick Cream
Thick, creamy, and great for whipping
A versatile topping or filling for so many desserts
56% less fat than double cream
Suitable for vegetarians

Suitable for Vegetarians
Carnation® Extra Thick Cream is a deliciously creamy dessert topping and filling that contains less than half of the fat of double cream! Whip it up to make a delicious whipped cream filling or use it straight from the can as a topping for scones or crumbles. We make this wonderfully thick Carnation® cream to be extra versatile, too. You can cook with it, bake with it, or spoon it onto desserts as a topping. It's so easy to use! There's nothing like a fresh scone with strawberries and cream and with a can of our Carnation® cream on hand, you'll be ready any time to top all the tasty bakes from your oven!

Number of uses/Servings: 11

Contains 11 servings

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