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Pepsi Max Cherry Cans 8 x 330ml

Option: 8 x 330ml

Low Calorie Cola Flavoured Soft Drink with Sweeteners

No sugar
Maximum Taste

  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • No Sugar

MAXIMUM TASTE, No Sugar. A bold and refreshing fizzy drink with no sugar Low Calorie carbonated cola that has just 1 calorie per can Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, a sparkling low calorie soft drink Pepsi MAX is the fizz-popping, taste rocking, sugar free cola - bursting with taste and bold refreshment. The perfect drink for fun times together, at home or on the go! 

Pepsi Max, Pepsi-Cola and the Pepsi Globe are registered trade marks of PepsiCo, Inc. Under the Authority of PepsiCo, Inc., Purchase, N.Y., USA.

Number of uses/Servings: 1

330ml can = 1 serving

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