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Fusion Honey 220g

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‘Here at Jack Berry™, we are always looking for new and exciting products to bring to the market.

We are therefore proud to announce that last week we launched our new range of FUSION honeys at the BBC GOOD FOOD Show. We have taken our Multifloral Natural Honey and combined it with a range of delicious and healthy fruits and berries. The fruits have been freeze dried to capture optimum flavour and health benefits. So, adding them to our honey, not only gives you an explosion of a new taste combination, but you also benefit from the additional anti-oxidants and vitamins that natural honey and berries provide. A FUSION of flavours ranging from strawberry, raspberry, orange and blackcurrant to cocoa.

You can spread them on your toast, crumpets, add them to your porridge, smoothies or just add a spoonful to warm water for a delicious and healthy drink.

Why not give one a try?’

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