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British Beef Dinner (Serves 4-5 people)


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1 beef joint (topside 1kg), 2 broccoli, 500g carrots, 2kg local farm potatoes, 1 onion, 150g mangetout, thyme, gravy

For this recipe, you will also need: olive oil, salt, pepper, butter & milk

British Beef Dinner (Serves 4-5 people)

Prep time: 30 min - Cooking time: 1 hour 30 min

Step 1. Remove the beef from the fridge 30 minutes before you want to cook it to let it come up to room temperature.

Step 2. Preheat the oven to 240°C. You will need to prepare your beef and potatoes at the same time. Follow steps 3, 4 and 5 before placing your meat into the oven.

Step 3. Wash and roughly chop half of your carrots and the whole onion and pop them in your roasting tray. Add 150ml of water and a few sprigs of thyme. This will make the base for your gravy later.


Step 4. Now drizzle the beef with oil and season well with sea salt and black pepper, rub this all over the meat. Once your beef is nicely seasoned, place it on top of the vegetables in your roasting tray and add a couple more sprigs of thyme.

Step 5. Peel half of your potatoes, wash them, and then quarter them, to create the size of your roast potatoes. Place them in a pan with boiling water just covering them, boil for just ten minutes, until they have cooked in the centre, but remain in their shape.


Step 6. Place the tray of beef and veg on the bottom shelf of the oven, then immediately turn the temperature down to 200°C and cook for 55 minutes for medium beef. If you prefer it medium-rare, take it out 5 to 10 minutes earlier. For well done, leave it in for another 10 to 15 minutes. Halfway through the cooking process, be sure to take the beef out to pour some of the juices from the bottom of the tray over the top of the beef to baste it.

Step 7. While the beef is cooking in the oven, it’s time to start roasting your potatoes. Drain the boiled potatoes and place them on another baking tray. After drizzling with olive oil, turn the potatoes over so that each side is coated in the oil and then season with salt and pepper. Now pop these in the oven on the top shelf for a total of 50 minutes ensuring to turn the potatoes over halfway through (don’t worry, the beef will need 10-15 minutes to rest after cooking before serving, so there is just enough time!).

Step 8. When the beef has 15 minutes left in the oven, get the rest of your potatoes peeled, washed, and sliced like in the picture. Place them in a pan covered with boiling water and a pinch of salt and leave them to boil for 20 minutes.


Step 9. Whilst they’re boiling, peel and chop your carrots and chop up your broccoli. Once done, put them in their own pans with boiling water and leave them to boil for 15 minutes.

Step 10. Once the beef is cooked to your liking, take the tray out of the oven, and transfer the beef to a board or plate to rest for 15 minutes or so. Cover it with a layer of tin foil and a tea towel and leave aside while you make your gravy and cook the rest of your veg.


Step 11. Pour the liquid from the beef tray into a pan and add 400ml of water. Place over a low heat and add a tablespoon of gravy granules at a time and mix. Continue to add a tablespoon until the gravy has reached the consistency of your choice.

Step 12. Once the 20 minutes on your potato slices has passed, drain them, and leave them for around 1 minute.  Once all the water has gone from the pan and the potatoes, add them back into the pan along with the butter, milk and some thyme leaves from the sprig. Once done, mash away until it’s a consistency you enjoy. Do be careful not to over mash though!

Step 13. Now uncover the beef and slice it evenly.

Step 14. Drain your vegetables and remove the roasts from the oven.

Step 15. Time to dish out your meal – place a slice of beef onto a plate, share the veg between the plates and finally pour your gravy over.



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